Element Structural Engineers, Inc.
Where creativity is engineered.™
Where creativity is engineered.™

Element Structural Engineers is a full-service engineering firm providing structural consultation, analysis, and design services for a wide range of projects throughout Northern California.


Our diverse portfolio includes new custom homes and remodels, multi-unit residential and mixed-use buildings, as well as low-rise commercial structures and seismic anchorages.


Our expert team works closely with architects, developers, building owners, and contractors to provide creative and economical engineering solutions. We are a small firm, but we think big, and we take pride in delivering high-quality work and unparalleled customer service on every project.

Our Philosophy
Our design philosophy is to provide the client with the best value for their dollar. The value that we integrate into our design consists of the safety and performance of the structure. Often, engineers will design to meet the minimum safety requirements and overlook the fact that the client will be living in the structure. We aspire to create a design with the aspect of the client living comfortably in their home. We take into consideration the vibration effect of the floor system during every day use. Vibration in the floor can cause nuances to the client, especially having spent a premium price for the custom home that they are living in.

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