Structural Engineering Expertise: Affordable Housing

With our commitment to being a community-driven and mission-driven firm, we take pride in our expertise and knowledge in providing structural engineering services for affordable housing projects. Our understanding of critical factors, such as tax credit applications and construction budgets, enables us to assist clients on a deeper level in achieving their funding and financing goals. With a focus on comprehensive lateral system designs and detailed pricing stages, we ensure accuracy and cost-efficiency throughout the project. We will delve into the intricacies of affordable housing projects and highlight our experience in delivering successful outcomes for our clients and the communities we serve.

Navigating the TCAC Funding Process:
The California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) plays a crucial role in affordable housing projects by determining the tax credits available for funding. As structural engineers, we recognize the significance of the construction budget in securing TCAC funding. Our commitment to aligning the actual construction budget with our structural design helps our clients maximize their funding potential. By providing a complete lateral system design during the Design Development (DD) pricing stage, we enable contractors to generate accurate budget estimates. This attention to detail ensures that the structural system is appropriately reflected in the budget, enhancing the project’s financial viability.

Understanding Client Building Standards:
Each affordable housing developer may have specific building standards and preferences. Our team understands and accommodates these standards, resulting in streamlined communication and decision-making processes. For instance, material choices like Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and plywood can have implications for project cost and performance. We navigate these considerations by collaborating closely with clients to determine the optimal material selection. By proactively addressing these concerns, we promote clarity in specifications and help avoid delays.

Tailoring Solutions for Affordable Housing Developers:
Our experience with various affordable housing developers has revealed their deep commitment to the communities they serve. We find joy in working with them as our shared values align, fostering synergy and understanding. By grasping the unique needs and sensitivities of these developers, we ensure our engineering solutions align with their community-focused vision. This shared dedication has resulted in recurring opportunities and long-term collaborations, highlighting our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Project Highlight: Firehouse Square
Among our recent projects, Firehouse Square stands out as an excellent example of our expertise in handling complex challenges. Collaborating with BDE Architecture and Devcon Construction on behalf of MidPen Housing, we incorporated a former firehouse into a multi-family housing facility for 127 families.

The Firehouse Square project presented numerous design complexities. Our team successfully integrated the original front facade into the new structure, meeting the city’s requirements creatively. Additionally, we meticulously designed a post-tensioned concrete podium over a basement garage to accommodate adjacent buildings while considering hydrostatic pressure due to the high water table and flood line. By carefully accounting for the water table and flood line, we created a design that ensured the building’s integrity, safety and performance.

We possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional structural engineering services for affordable housing projects. Our understanding of the TCAC funding process, commitment to staying within the allocated budget, and collaboration with clients’ building standards set us apart. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that align with our client’s goals and positively impact the communities they serve. Whether it’s navigating complex challenges or finding innovative design solutions, we are ready to tackle any affordable housing project with unwavering expertise and professionalism.

Learn more about the Firehouse Square project.

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