Stevenson Terrace


Stevenson Terrace

Stevenson Terrace showcases collaborative structural engineering expertise in creating sustainable, community-focused affordable housing. The 80-unit Fremont project seamlessly blends green building features with a design fostering resident connectivity to local amenities and transit. Its multidisciplinary approach highlights how expertise across fields can deliver innovative, sustainable housing solutions.


Completed 2019

square feet

Affordable Housing


Innovative Engineering, Sustainable Community Living

Stevenson Terrace is an award-winning project located in Fremont and demonstrates collaborative structural engineering expertise in sustainable, community-focused affordable housing. The innovative 80-unit, four-story building incorporates green features like solar systems and energy-efficient elements through seamless partnerships across disciplines. The structurally resilient units maximize natural light and ventilation.

With proximity to parks, transit, and amenities, Stevenson Terrace connects residents to the Fremont community. The project exemplifies how collaborative expertise in structural engineering, coupled with thoughtful placemaking, can create affordable housing solutions with a sustainability-driven and community-driven approach.

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