19th street residence

Single Family Residential

19th Street Residence

The 19th Street Single-Family Residential Project in San Francisco is a stunning masterpiece that includes a full front facade replacement, reconfiguration of windows and walls on all three levels, and the addition of a penthouse.

San Francisco


square feet

3 story
Construction: Type VB


Modern & stunning design meets structural integrity

Our expertise shines in the 19th Street Single-Family Residential Project in San Francisco, where we seamlessly blend structural engineering and design aesthetics. Renovating a three-story San Francisco house involved intricate work, including a front facade replacement, window reconfiguration, and a penthouse addition.

Notably, a three-story moment frame utilizing the proprietary Simpson Yield Link Moment Frames required close collaboration, showcasing our attention to detail. Challenges in obtaining precise measurements were adeptly managed during construction. The use of structural steel members in floating stairs and a third-floor roof deck displayed both stability and stunning design. The project demanded a significant foundation upgrade, executed flawlessly to support added loads.

Effective communication and coordination throughout the process, including regular field visits, ensured a successful outcome aligned with the client’s vision.


19th street residence

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