Single Family Residential


An example of pure architectural expression, this project successfully accomplished its goal of geometric intrigue and sophistication, made possible by our careful structural engineering support.

Los Altos

Completed in 2016

square feet

New Custom Home
Construction: Type VB


Open Concept Leads to Geometric Intrigue

With this home, our goal was to transmit the client’s design from sketchbook to foundation as effectively as possible. Logistically, our team was assigned the difficult task of accommodating a varying, multi-level roofline. We were able to meet this challenge by creating a cantilevered entryway with curved front facade without the use of steel.

The pinnacle of this design was the home’s breathtaking cornerless window, made possible thanks to the use of hollow structural section steel members.

Together with our talented creative partners, we were able to delight and inspire by bringing the outside in, creating a strong structure, and providing restorative indoor spaces for the client.

Key Features:

  • Open trellis integrated into varying, multi-level roofline
  • Cantilevered entryway
  • Open concept
  • Cornerless window system
  • Steel beams laid out in a V-shape formation
  • Curved front facade (without steel!)
  • Geometric intrigue, mystery, unexpected angles
  • An open trellis integrated into the roof, supported by V-shaped steel beams layout originating at the corners of the structure

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