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Where creativity is engineered.™

Client Testimonials

"I really loved working with you guys. So impressed we still have structural engineers out there that can understand real construction process and materials and find common sense solutions that are in-step with structural calculations that work without just throwing the "kitchen sink" at the problem instead of using a calculator. Very poor Architectural design on this job made it even more challenging for the structural engineering but with you guys it was actually enjoyable working through it all!
I want to work with you guys again."


Dan Batezell
Project Superintendent
"As a high-end design-build contractor, I've worked with several structural engineers. I've found Element Structural Engineers to be responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient with their work. Custom homes typically require significant design support during the foundation and framing phases, and Element has kept pace with our projects, providing good recommendations without driving up the budget. Also, we've adopted working in a BIM design environment, and Element is one of a few residential engineers that has taken the dive."


Mark Blackman
"In a short period of time, Element Structural Engineers has established themselves as one of our firm's favorite structural engineers. Thuy Fontelera and her staff offer the rare trifecta of professional service: great quality, at a fair price, with timely turnaroundsOne of the great things about working with the team at ESE is that they all make a concerted effort to understand the architectural intent of a project prior to beginning their design work. When we develop a project with complex geometries and critical tolerances (which quite frankly, is most of the time!), we know that Thuy and her staff will make every effort to find economical, elegant structural solutions for our designs.


For a project to get built without hiccups there must be careful coordination between the architectural and structural drawings, and a steady stream of communication between the engineer and contractor. Element excels in both areas. In some ways, the best structural engineers are like an offensive lineman in the NFL; their best work goes unnoticed, and it is only their mistakes that get flagged for all to see. Despite the relative complexity of the assignments we give ESE, they have done a remarkable job of avoiding those embarrassing "penalties."


We look forward to many successful future projects with Thuy and her team of excellent engineers!"


Eugene H. Sakai, AIA, LEED® AP
"I have worked with Element Structural Engineers on several projects, and they have shown true professionalism in their work. They solve the structural issues with great creativity and in a timely manner. My jobs are always on time and the drawings and calculations are very clear, which facilitate the permitting process and construction of the projects. I will continue using their professional service as my preferred structural engineer."


Ramiro Torres, Principal Architect
"We bring all of our projects requiring engineering to Element Structural Engineering. Their extensive knowledge, practical approach and timely response makes it a pleasure to work with the team."


Mollyanne Sherman, CID, CKD, CBD, CGBP, CAPS
Owner & Lead Designer

"What I have really appreciated about Thuy and her team is that they are both rational AND creative. They are very efficient and trustworthy engineers, but they are not afraid to think outside of the box when necessary. They always go above and beyond what is required of them to create a safe solution while maintaining the design intent and are always open to exploring many options until they find the one that works best for that particular project."


Rudabeh Pakravan
Rudabeh Pakravan Studio
"The Architects at Salvatore Caruso Design Corporation have had many opportunities to work with Thuy Fontelera and Element Structural Engineers on a wide variety of projects ranging from small residential remodels to much larger commercial and institutional buildings.


Element has provided structural engineering and support on both simple wood and complex steel buildings, and we have always found their work to be excellent. Thuy and her team have a knack for fair competitive pricing and the ability and know-how to deliver projects on time and on budget. Their work is truly in the spirit of collaboration, and we are proud that we have been able to develop the kind of partnership that makes working in this challenging field all the more rewarding.


Element has always been a joy to work with and comes highly recommended."


Kirk Tang

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