Single Family Residential


Rather than new-build construction, this remodel presented the challenge of working with an existing structure to integrate new components. This is one of our strengths. We were trusted to expertly manifest the client’s vision using creative structural engineering solutions and close collaboration with our architecture and construction partners. With a project like this, you get to see our team truly in its element.

Portola Valley

Completed in 2013

square feet

Construction: Type VB


Breathtaking Spaces Meet Transformative Materials

Our top accomplishment was finding a way to integrate the massive support beams to create a breathtaking 40-foot span open concept kitchen and living room, while expressing the material in a beautiful way. The exterior vaulted ceiling continued through the interior to create a seamless roofline and striking back patio overhang.

Cornerless windows were carefully engineered using cantilevered beams, creating an interactive experience with the home’s outdoor setting. Ceiling decking was integrated with the internal structure; engineer it right, and over time, sagging will be prevented. The result? A sophisticated and impressive structure that left a lasting mark.

Key Features:

  • Remodel—not a new build: working with existing structure to integrate new elements
  • 40-foot span open concept kitchen/living room
  • Architect chose to incorporate and accentuate steel
  • Ceiling decking integrated into steel beams
  • Vaulted ceiling with back patio overhang
  • Seamless roofline
  • Cornerless window using hidden cantilevered beams

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