Santa Rosa Residential

Single Family Residential

Santa Rosa Residential

Located in Santa Rosa, California, our team worked closely with Ferrell Faber Associates and Skyfarm Construction on the design and construction of a new two-story residence. This single-family custom home project included a living space of 5,600 square feet along with a 1,200-square-foot garage and showcased our structural engineering expertise and diverse skillset in custom homes.

Santa Rosa


square feet

Construction: Type VB


Crafting Resilience: Expert Engineering and Custom Home Design

Following the devastation of the 2017 Santa Rosa fire, our team worked closely with the client to start the restoration, salvaging what remained of the property. Collaborating closely with Skyfarm Construction, we navigated complexities and devised cost-effective solutions, ensuring both quality and affordability.

The residence, seamlessly integrated into the natural grade, presented unique challenges, including the incorporation of a four-tiered main floor and the utilization of prefabricated roof trusses for efficient construction.

A unique aspect of the project was the preservation and reinforcement of a 12-foot-deep retaining wall, damaged by the fire. Through meticulous planning and execution, we restored the wall to its former strength, enhancing its resilience for the future.

In every aspect of this project, from design to construction, we demonstrated our structural design creativity and innovation, which resulted in the successful completion of this single-family residence.

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