Single Family Residential


Our team pulled myriad engineering tricks out of its sleeves to engineer this new Tudor-style home for the Stanford faculty, expressing its traditional aesthetic in a modern way.

Palo Alto

Completed in 2019

square feet

New Custom Home

2-Story, Single-Family

Modern Design Meets Classic Style

The biggest challenge? Engineering a solution that considered the low roofline on either side of the house. With an open floor plan on the ground level, the structure needed a strong support system for the floor above. How do you support all that space? We drew on past experience to solve this problem effectively, and maintain the physical and visual integrity of the home.

In contrast to past projects such as our Westridge home remodel, here the architect chose to conceal the support material within the structure. This is where our skills come in. Our team identified a problem: the support beams had the potential to disrupt the aesthetic vision by protruding at the edge of the roofline. By bringing this to our design partners’ attention, we were able to provide an effective and elegant solution.

Because of that high-level of attention, we are able to honor the architect’s design, create less work for the contractor, protect budget and prevent rebuilding.

Key Features:

  • Tudor-style, historical aesthetic
  • Biggest challenge: supporting 2nd floor and offset shearwall over a large open space
  • Consideration of low roof on either side of the house
  • Steel supports entirely hidden
  • Attention to detail means less work for contractor, prevents rebuilding, saves money

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