Alta Madrone

A 100% award-winning affordable family housing project including 11 units for formerly homeless families and 10 units for disabled and unhoused veterans. The project was a mix of single-story and two-story buildings, 3 single-story, 5 two-story, and a community room.


Completed in

square feet

Affordable Family Housing


Inspired Living

An impactful undertaking, this project consisted of eight inviting two-story multi-family apartments. Pyatok Architects led the way with a creative exit deck and railing wall giving aesthetic depth to the structure. Element was grateful to have tackled this challenge readily alongside our partner, Midstate Construction. Together, we worked to place numerous dwellings in a fairly compact residential area, the end result being a development which fit harmoniously within the existing neighborhood. The developer, Satellite Affordable Housing Associates, is proud to be pursuing GreenPoint Rated Certification and CalGreen Tier 1 Standards for this project.

The unique aspect of this project is the community room, where we showcased our capabilities with a vaulted ceiling and custom trusses. From the expansive great hall to integrated pathways encouraging walking, biking and social connection, this sophisticated and inspiring desert oasis inspires residents to believe that anything is possible.

Key Feature:

  • All Electric Design

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