Clear Navigation and Expertise Leads to Successful Healthcare Projects


When it comes to healthcare construction projects, clients value a seamless and efficient process that adheres to regulatory requirements and stays within budget. We understand the concerns of architects, contractors, and clients themselves. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have successfully navigated complex processes like HCAI (California Department of Health Care Access and Information) or OSHPD, ensuring smoother permitting and avoiding unnecessary delays. We will highlight our capabilities in on-site availability, foresight in project management, seismic expertise, and budget adherence.

On-Site Availability and Quick Project Turnaround:

We recognize the importance of being present on-site, especially in projects that require swift action due to tight schedules or intricate infrastructure. Our team has received inquiries about our on-site availability, and we assure clients that it is never an issue for us. With two offices located in Newark and Oakland, we have the ability to travel within a substantial radius, facilitating effective communication and prompt decision-making.

Foresight in Project Management:

Anticipating the needs of other consultants and providing valuable insights for the project’s progression is an area where our team excels. Whether it involves coordinating with MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) professionals or managing transformer changeouts, our foresight enables clients to make informed decisions about the next steps. We understand that providing the right information in a timely manner contributes to keeping the project on track.

Successful Projects: ED Expansion and Canopy Project:

Our track record includes successful projects that demonstrate our capabilities. One notable project was the expansion of an Emergency Department (ED) building. Despite the complexities involved in obtaining HCAI approvals and coordinating equipment anchorage, the project progressed smoothly, and it has already reached completion. Additionally, we are currently working on a canopy project adjacent to a large retaining wall. Ensuring that the canopy’s foundation does not interfere with the retaining wall foundation requires meticulous investigation and coordination, which we are actively addressing.

Budget Adherence and Client Satisfaction:

One crucial aspect of any construction project is meeting the budgetary constraints outlined by the client. Our team has consistently delivered accurate estimates of time, resources, and staff requirements, ensuring alignment with the client’s budget. Thus far, we have not received any complaints regarding budget overruns, indicating that our estimates have been on point. We remain committed to open communication and will verify budget adherence regularly to address any concerns promptly.


Our expertise and extensive experience empower us to provide exceptional services to architects, contractors, and clients in the construction industry. From understanding and navigating complex processes to ensuring on-site availability, anticipating project needs, and complying with seismic requirements, we are committed to delivering successful outcomes. Moreover, our diligent budget estimations foster transparency and client satisfaction. Our clients can trust in our ability to provide the technical expertise and support they need to achieve their goals efficiently and within budget. Learn more about one of our healthcare projects with Kaiser Permanente.

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